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February 11, 2021

Youth Girl's: Setting up a Lifetime of Fitness

I want young girl's to find a love for fitness outside of seeing it as something we as women have to do when we get fat. Or when we hate our bodies or need to burn calories. Or as punishment for mistakes at sports practice or in PE. I want young girl's to learn to love their bodies for their strength and power and all the amazing things they can do, because of being fit.

I want these classes to be the spark of a lifetime of fitness and strength training for these young gals <3

We are into Week 2 of our Youth Girl's Strength Training Class and in Week 1 we learned the proper positioning for the squat and deadlift. Most of the girls' in this class range in age from 10-16. The goal of this program is to help young women find confidence in the weight room, to help them learn how to improve strength and athleticism, and prevent injury through good movement patterns.

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