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April 24, 2023

Adaptive Fitness: Ben and Me

💙 guy and I have been slowly getting to know each other the past month. And he hasn’t wanted any interaction with me, most days. He will randomly throw a ball back to me, then he sits it down and waves me off.
I gave him a weighted stick and held his hands on it to demonstrate what I wanted him to do…
And then he mimicked me with it on his own!! And IT WAS AMAZING. Slow and steady progress, gaining trust, and encouragement

Building relationships with clients by gaining their trust through a calm voice, engagement at their level, and meeting them where they are at--CONSISTENTLY, is the foundation for progressing in fitness with clients like Ben.

See our 2nd and 3rd sessions and the progress we made, here.

For more information about contracting Adaptive Fitness services for your day service provider, retirement community, or your loved with with a developmental delay--please contact me here. AND check out my Adaptive Fitness Exercise Programming Course, here.

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