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December 24, 2021

3 Reasons You Can't Get Rid of Low Belly Fat

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1) You are sucking in your stomach all the time.Sucking in your stomach is like pinching off the center of a bag full of air, the air has to be displaced somewhere, so it gets shoved downward into your lower stomach. Over time this air pressure can create the illusion of a pooch. Let your stomach muscles relax and let the contents and air of your stomach equally disperse--and this will pressure will equalize. Read more about this idea here:Redefining Cardio for Fat Burning

#2) You are overly-acidic.

We are naturally acidic but when we become too acidic due to processed foods, medications, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, environmental factors--it can affect how we absorb water and other nutrients. Food can ferment and sit in our stomach causing gas build up and bloating.

#3) Consuming too many low-cal, low-sugar foods packed with artificial sweeteners. 

Studies show artificial sweeteners increase weight gain by 47% in some cases. So let go of the highly processed foods you consider healthy because of their label. They are NOT better for you.

To learn more about how to apply all of these concepts into your daily living,

Jump-start your Fat Loss with my Cardio for Fat Loss 6-Week Course. 

  • Get rid of low belly pooch. 
  • Improve posture. 
  • Reduce stress.  
  • Digest food better. 
  • Reduce bloating. 


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