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May 20, 2022

Back Squat Barbell 1.0


The Barbell Back Squat 1.0 Course will provide you with knowledge of:

  • How to barbell back squat
  • Common faults we see in the back squat AND quick, easy fixes to address them to avoid injury and improve strength
  • 7 Movement Assessments you can complete on yourself or someone else to determine joint mobility & stability faults you may see in your movement that could be causing pain, or limiting strength and performance gains.
  • 7 Movement Protocols/Program with video’s, reps/sets to follow weekly to improve in the areas of the assessment you failed

Great course for avid gym-goer’s, for personal trainers, coaches, athletic trainers,

weight room staff, and kids learning to squat.

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Taught by Dr. Jared Shoemaker, DC
Anna Woods, ACE-CPT

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