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July 5, 2022

TikTok Series Week 1: Learn to Lift

Week 1: Learn to Lift

Approaching the Bar for a Barbell Back Squat

1) Make sure hands are even on the bar from side to side. A quick tip is to use the marks (gnarling) in the center of the bar and measure your thumbs out to the sides evenly from the center marks of the bar to ensure you pick the bar up evenly.2) Flip the ponytail out of the way, because if the bar gets wrapped up in your hair and you have to bail the bar behind you, your head can get jerked back or your hair ripped out. OUCH!3) Line both feet up parallel underneath the racked bar before picking up the bar, this ensures it is evenly loaded on one side compared to the other.4) After lining up your feet under the bar, inhale through your nose and fill your belly full of outward pressure against your abs (opposite of sucking in) to help support/brace your core for the load.5) Step backward with a quick, small step to remove the bar from the path of the J-cups. Walk feet back to shoulder-width apart, with toes turn out slightly before initiating the squat.I'll be releasing more quick tips like this for your new lifter each week on TikTok and here.In addition, we are releasing a full Back Squat: Barbell 1.0 course on everything you need to know to back squat safely and increase your strength numbers--more info here.

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