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August 27, 2022

Recovery Without Surgery: A Team Effort

For Anna, there have been many times she questioned her investment of time and energy into promoting her gym and services so heavily on social media platforms. But people like Kelly are proof that using social media can be beneficial! For her it was physically seeing Anna's results.

“I had been following Anna for a while on social media, and we had come across each other a couple of times through CrossFit events, but initially my interaction with her was limited,” explains Kelly. Like many of Anna’s clients, they come with strength training experience, but more often than not, it isn’t until they are in need of a change or her expertise that they reach out and inquire about her programs.

For Kelly, she was at the end of her rope and had just been handed the dreadful news of surgery to recover and heal from a shoulder problem that was quickly growing worse.

“My shoulder was very angry with me for the torture and stress I had continued to put it through. I was finally to the point where I knew I needed to do something about it,” details Kelly. “Of course, the doctor said surgery was the answer, but being the owner of an active dog obedience business Family Dog Training and Behavioral Center did not afford me the choice of being down for an extended period of time. So I sought out other options,” Murphy explains of her predicament.

For those that follow Anna, she has shared her own personal journey in avoiding shoulder surgery. It is because of Anna’s testimony, that gave Kelly hope another option was available to her as well.

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“When I reached out to Anna about her rehab, she quickly put me in contact with Dr. Jared Shoemaker, DC, at InMotion Spine Muscle Joint ( He was the expert behind the rehabilitation process that helped Anna eliminate her shoulder pain without surgery. I felt immediate comfort knowing that someone else knew what I was going through and could help.”

“Dr. Shoemaker does not simply give you an adjustment. He understands the body and how to both prevent and recover from injuries,” emphasize Murphy. “With both Anna and Dr. Shoemaker’s help, I was put on a plan to regain mobility and functionality. I was amazed how they worked together. They each played to their own strengths and expertise, which played a huge role in my healing.”

The result…

Full use of her shoulder with no pain.

“I got my life back, but more than that I was better educated on how to prevent further injury, so I’m not in the same situation again. To think this happened almost three years ago and still to this day I am pain free,” states Kelly.

Kelly still visits Dr. Shoemaker monthly for check-ins and adjustments, and participates in weekly workouts with Anna in her sheStrength program. It was through this experience that Kelly learned one of the major keys to prevention of injury is proper form, which then further changed her outlook on strength growth.

“Anna makes you feel comfortable with who you are. I never once felt intimidated or inadequate. In contrast, I was always supported, encouraged and listened to. There are lots of programs out there but rarely do you find one that provides the personal connection like sheStrength."

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Left: After Right: Before[/caption]

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