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April 20, 2023

Post-Game Pitching Recovery

Softball Post-Game Recovery (after 12-24-Hours)

Foam rolling 

Soft Tissue x :60 seconds each: Feet, Lats (under armpits), Quads, Inner thighs, T-Spine



Posterior Shoulder/Hip

Thread Needle

Thread Needle + Hold

Elbow to Wrists

Bear Transitions

6-Mos Hold + Crawling & Hand Lifts

Groin Stretch (saddle pose)--hand walk side to side

Adductor Rocking

Posterior Shoulder Capsule Stretch/Side

Wrist Rocking

Bird Dog + Reaches (alternating)

Posterior Hip Slide

 Range of Motion: 

2 x 20 Shoulder CARS (standing use softball in hands)—back of hands start together in front of the body and palms toward each other overhead

  1.  3 x 5 Shoulder/Scap ROM (lying on back, head on floor)
  1. 3 x 5 Hip ROM---knee raises, and leg wrap arounds
  1.  1 x 10 Upperback ROM—slide hands through, butt on heels



  1. Work up to sprint speed. Start at 3 x 20 yard accelerations at 50%, 1 min recovery walk back
  2. Then 3 x 20 yard accelerations at 75%, 1 min walk back
  3. 2 x 20 yard accelerations at 100%, 1 min walk back

Cool Down

  1. Breathing Exercises (kneeling, hips stacked under ribs) x 10 (focus on breathing out into fingertips all the way around the abdomen


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