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January 11, 2022

What Inclusion Looks Like in the Weight Room

An area where most weight room's lack is accessibility and inclusion of people with exceptionalities.  In addition to running a full class of PE students or weight-lifting students, the teacher struggles to provide modified workouts for the kids in the special education program.  That is what I aim to provide in my Adaptive Fitness Exercise Programming CEU Course. My goal is that more parents begin to request weights class as a part of the regular school day for their children in IEP minutes--AND that the special ed cooperatives and school's can effectively meet those requests.  

For example, I love using PVC Pipes filled with beans to mimic a barbell that the students in the weight class are using.  We modify the overhead press, the clean and the pull-up in this video--using the same reps as the prescribed program the rest of the group is doing. For the clients who struggle with grip, we use velcro grips to help.  

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