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June 7, 2022

Weightlifting Safety and Mechanics

Who This Course is For..The coach who has to do it all.Learn MoreWhat You Can Expect to Learn... Learn MoreHands-On Workshop & Lecture4-Hour Course2 hours lecture2 hours in weightroom with hands-on applicationLearn MoreHow Lifting Weights with Bad Form Can Cause InjuryVisuals of how the growing spine is affected by bad patterns, positions under loadLearn MoreHow to Teach the Squat in an Athletic PositionLearn MoreBetter Warm-Up Options Prepare the joints for movement through ROM and stabilityLearn MoreHow to Breakdown the CleanDevelop athletes in the positions of the clean, from 7-12 gradersLearn MoreBetter Cueing OptionsWays to ensure your kids are moving in a functional, athletic way through verbal cueingLearn More Previous Next


  • This is a hands-on and classroom discussion 4.0 hours continuing education course designed to help the educator, coach, athletic trainers and assistants, and other weight room staff/coordinators with implementing safe and effective weightlifting mechanics and modifications, better cueing, and implementation to a classroom or large group setting. 


  • Weight room staff/coaches/trainer’s will be able to document they have been trained to ensure safety in the weight room for athletes. 
  • Provides CEU hours for athletic training/coaches, PE staff who rarely receive CEU hours that directly apply to their work.
  • The efficiency of the limited time-frame athletes have to lift during class can be improved
  • Coaches and PE staff and athletes can be on the same page in approach to building stronger, more efficient athletes and sports teams and differentiate between men and women’s view of weightlifting.
  • Be a part in changing the weight room culture from that of PR’s and max lifts to knowing how to lift safely and improve athleticism as a result. 

Improve the culture of the weight room to bringing awareness to the importance of strength training for long-term health, not just sports.

Dr. Jared Shoemaker, DC: Dr. Shoemaker is the owner of InMotion Spine Muscle Joint along with his wife in Maize, KS. He is the only DNS certified practitioner in the state of Kansas. Dr. Shoemaker has spent thousands of hours learning from the leading experts in the field of injury and performance. Growing up in a small town his passion is to bring the best treatment options from around the globe to local athletes, coaches, and trainers.

Anna Woods, ACE-CPT, BMES: Anna earned her degree in Exercise Science in 2005. Her credentials include ACE-CPT, Biomechanical Exercise Specialist, CF-L1, DNS Running/Weight Training/Exercise 1, Functional Aging Specialist, PFP-Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist (2017). She has been in the fitness industry for over 17 years and currently is the CEO of sheSTRENGTH, an online and in-person fitness/training program. She trains women and youth of all abilities in her barn gym in Buhler, Kansas. She is the strength and conditioning coach for the Hutchinson Community College NJCAA softball team and Buhler High School lady athletes. She is also the author of the book and CEU course, “Adaptive Fitness Exercise Specialist,” which trains coaches, teachers, and trainers how to work with athletes with special needs.

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