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Anna Woods


May 10, 2024

4-6th Grade Youth Sports & Strength Classes

Empower your young athlete with our summer of sheStrength/heStrength kids' workouts this summer in Maize and Hutchinson, KS. Tailored workouts designed to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and build confidence on the field or court. Join us for a season of strength and success!

Classes will be in Hutchinson:
--4-6th Grade Age Kids: Mon/Wednesdays at 8:30 am-9:15 am (May 29th-June 26th)

Class size will be limited to 4-5 kids' per session at the gym --so it is first come, first serve on times.

It is $200 for 10 classes (1x a week). The class purchases are used like a punch card and expire at the end of the summer.

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