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November 11, 2023

Attention Softball Pitchers!

Why You May Be Overthrowing with Your Arm

SO many fastpitch pitchers I work with struggle with overthrowing with their shoulder and hip flexor and either leave a lot of velocity on the table or experience a lot of pain. So in my sessions as a personal trainer working with athletes, I want to make sure a pitcher knows how and why this happens and how to fix it. So after I complete a movement assessment on a girl, and see what I believe to be the biggest issues we need to address, and that she understands these concepts, we can begin to work on learning how to maintain the correct positions to "feel and access" the correct muscles to improve. In this case, it was the lack of oblique sling activation in the core that she as missing.

So after I explained this, these were her take-home exercises among a few others.

Some of my favorite positions to start:

Low + Sit Plus Breathing into Obliques

Deadbug Roll into Low Sit (transition that mimics throwing rotation)

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To learn about other exercises you can be doing with your athletes, check out my online app programming and 6-week printable templates.

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