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April 24, 2023

Adaptive Fitness #2: Ben and I

Session #2 Update with Ben.


I decided to switch from using a stick to a different manipulative that Ben seemed to show interest in watching me play catch with other clients. So I started tossing the ball to him. And for the first 5-7 throws he just closed his eyes and blocked the ball from hitting him with his hands. So I adjusted how I threw it and started conversing with him about it, as I threw it over and over again. And before long he caught it, AND I got an emotional response of laughter!!


he is doing so well.

In the next few weeks we move to a weighted ball! But I will wait until we can play catch regularly at each session before adding that in. And from week to week, he may want to engage and he may not. Many factors play into his participation including if he's eaten recently, if it is quiet or disruptive in the space we workout in, if others are eating snacks or doing a fun activity, if it is close to nap time or time for him to leave for the day, etc. So each session we are flexible with expectations depending the vibe and energy I get when I walk into our workout sessions at TECH, Inc.

For more information about my Adaptive Fitness Exercise Programming, please check out this page: Adaptive Fitness Exercise Programming CEU Course and inquire about how I may provide programming for your child, client or day service participants.

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