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September 7, 2022

Attention Softball Pitchers! Part 3: Stability creating increased mobility and range of motion (ROM) in the ankle/foot-- we want to next create stiffness and strength in the leg. We do this with getting a "feel" for how the take-off position should feel by holding this position, then rocking back into the start of the motion, and re-finding the foot/ankle position, then accelerating through it.Some pitchers roll through this VERY important part of the pitch that dictates how the foot, ankle, and glute fire--which equates to power and velocity on the ball, as well as improves efficiency and alignment of the body throughout the pitching motion.Here's how you work on it:

  • Set up on the rubber in your semi-squat starting position of a pitch.
  • Bend the knees.  Push the hips back and make sure the knee is tracked over the middle of the foot. 
  • Make sure you feel equal pressure on the floor with the foot (think about feeling the floor the same with the big toe as you do the little toe).
  • Lift the heel higher than the ball of the foot and hold it in that position for :10-:20 seconds, you should feel the glutes burning and the quads tense up. If you do not, press the toes down into the floor and make sure the knee/hip is in alignment.
  • After holding for the designated time, rock back into the wind-up of your pitch. Then as you roll back through to the ball of the foot again, try to quickly re-find that glute burn before accelerating your body forward off the rubber. Repeat this 3-5x.

Exercises to Work on This:

Hold 3 x :30 seconds per leg on ISO Holds, and complete 3 x 5 on Single Leg Deadlifts.

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