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February 27, 2023

Strength & Conditioning for 10-12U Softball

Band & Crab Walk

What You Need: 1 Band, 2 GirlsHow: 1 Girl sits and 1 stands. The girl with the handles sits on the floor, legs out front. The other girl stands facing her holding 2 hands onto the middle of the band.On go, the girl sitting on the floor completes 10 rows with the band pulling the elbows back behind the ribs, palms facing toward each other. After finishing 10 rows, she turns her palms toward the ceiling and complete 10 bicep curls with the band. After 10 curls, she lets go of the band and crab walks 25' behind her, before getting up and sprinting back to the start. She stands and her partner sits to do the rows, bicep curls, and crab walk. They each complete this 3x through before stopping.

Junk Yard Dog Push-Ups

What You Need: 2 GirlsHow it Works: 1 partner lies on her stomach on the floor, 1 partner stands to the side of her. On go, the partner standing to the side jumps over the girl lying on the floor--as soon as she lands on the other side, the girl on her stomach pushes up in a push-up position. The girl who jumped over her army crawls on her belly (elbows and inside of knees) under the girl in push-up position. The complete 3 sets of jumping, crawling before switching places.

Junk Yard Dog Jumps

What You Need: 2 GirlsHow it Works: One girl sits on the floor with her arms stretched to the sides and her feet out front. The other partner stands to the back of the girl seated on the floor. On go, the girl in the back jumps over the outstretched arms of the girls on the floor, then she lands and turns and jumps over the feet, then turns and jumps over the outstretched arms. She repeats this 3x in one direction before switching places with the girl seated on the floor. Cue the girls to jump off 2 feet, knees and elbows drive up and forward, landing in a good squat position before resetting to turn and jump again.

Bear & Ball Hockey

What You Need: 2-3 girls, 1 ballHow it Works: Both girls are facing each other in bear position. They are spaced 2-3' apart. Full hands pressed into the floor, all fingers spread out. Toes are in push-off position, back is flat like a table and knees are up off the floor. On go the girls roll the ball back and forth from right hand to right hand, trying to get it past the other girls hands. They are disqualified if their knees touch the floor or they put their other hand down on the floor. Complete this game for :30 seconds at a time, and keep score. Then switch and complete it again with left hand to left hand.

These are games we will complete at the beginning as a warm-up or at the end as a conditioning finisher for girls' ages 10-12 years.

The goal is to keep fitness fun and motivating for girls, and begin to develop the importance of fitness in their lives inside of sport and out.

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