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February 4, 2022

Off-Season Work with Autum

Med Ball Heaves

In this drill, she has only completed 1-2 other times in the past year I'm working/looking for a few things. I like this drill because it helps her learn how to hinge her hips like a deadlift and power her hips through the middle like a clean--and it has great carryover to her sports of softball, basketball and volleyball.

So what I'm looking for here:

  1. Can she bend over in a hinge position to pick up the ball?? (first positions to learning the deadlift)
  2. Meaning--can she first: push the hips back, bend the knees so they line up with the shoelaces, and can she keep her whole foot pressed into the floor from the balls of the feet to the heel as she bends over to pick up the ball.
  3. When she launches the ball can she coordinate her knees, hips, and ankles extending one at at a time to release the ball toward me? (first positions to learning a clean)
  4. ALL WHILE keeping her feet pressed down on the floor from heel to toe, enabling her hips to power through to release the ball.
  5. Corrections to Make:
  6. Errors//She wants to use her back and arms to throw the ball, instead of using her legs/feet. Her timing is off. We can see that by how she comes up on her toes really quickly before release.

What we will work on:

  1. Going slower
  2. Feeling how to use her legs/feet in more basic positions with ISO Holds for :10 seconds

I'll demo these in the next videos.

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