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May 25, 2022

SheSTRENGTH: Meet Christy

Unplanned Benefits

Everyone expects to get fit, no one realizes it’s a mind, body and soul program.

Everyone has a reason to get started, but everyone’s reason has a different story. Christy Mundhenke was no stranger to gyms, working out or strength training. In fact, it was something her and her husband enjoyed doing together.

Then tragedy struck. “I’ve been through grief, so I wasn’t immune to it, but the level of grief in losing a spouse is so different,” explains Mundhenke, upon losing her husband in September of 2020.

The desire to return to the gym was gone.

As anyone can imagine, even getting out of bed those first few weeks took effort, energy and usually all the motivation she had to give for the day. By the beginning of the new year Christy knew she needed to change. She wasn’t unfamiliar with the benefits working out brought, and knew it would help her mental state.. Of course the release of endorphins enhances someone’s mood, and then the obvious bonus of getting in shape, and everyone’s goal of losing weight.

So then, why sheStrength?

I had seen her posts and had a friend that was currently participating in her barn workouts, so I was curious,” explains Mundhenke on the reason she initially contacted Anna. “Plus, I knew I couldn’t emotionally handle a gym.” The appointment was set and as the saying goes…the rest is history.

“After one appointment I was hooked. I had no goals, no plan, except I knew I needed to do something that would get me out of bed, consistently.” Christy explains, “Anna met me where I was at and we started at the basics, actually the most basic place and something I never previously considered in my training. We started with breathing exercises. It was then I realized how my anxiety was causing my breathing to be so shallow.”

At sheStrength that’s what most don’t expect- it’s a holistic approach to healthier living. The program's design is to improve a person physically, mentally and emotionally. And it all starts with your breathing.

“I gush about Anna to everyone, literally. She is a woman’s woman. She gets it, all of it. She knows the struggles and the excuses you will make, yet is one of the most encouraging and empathetic people I’ve ever met,” Christy enthusiastically describes Anna as a trainer. “She believes you can go further, do more, even when you are full of doubt. However, what I think I love the most is that she knows how to bring people together.”

Community. It’s always been a grounding core value of sheStrength. Everyone at every stage is welcome with the intentionality of creating support systems within each workout group. It’s the simple reminder that you are not alone, ever.

“When you talk about unexpected benefits, these ladies you workout with are one of those bonuses. There is camaraderie, accountability and my goodness are these ladies an inspiration to me,” exclaims Mundhenke.

With class times open to whoever joins, the variety in people both older and younger add to the feeling of community, and builds your own personal cheering section. “These ladies make me feel stronger simply by being in classes with them, and there are absolutely no passes given. When I miss a few sessions they are both happy to see me and ready to dish out a healthy dose of sarcastic jokes about my absence. Honestly though, they are the ones that helped me to continue to get out of bed, day after day.”

This is what it means when people say sheStrength is more than getting stronger or bettering your lifting technique, it’s about creating a better life.

“It comes down to what’s a priority to you. In fact, I would go without cable, fancy phones and eating out just to keep this program. Not to mention, it costs less than all of those things. I spend less time, have better results and feel like a better overall person by using Anna’s sheStrength program. For me it’s a no brainer.

"Everyone needs an Anna in their lives and a community like the one at sheStrength.

Story written by: Jessica Flax,

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