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May 15, 2023

There Are Teardrops on My Guitar

Thanks for everything, Allie!! We wish you the best in your future at Washburn University.

Taylor Swift would be jamming from the gym speakers as you walked into workout and you would know who the instructor for the class was going to be, immediately!

Allie!!! Allie was recruited to be a catcher for the Hutchinson Community College softball team, and has maintained that starting position for the past 2 years before graduating this May. She has also been an intern at my sheSTRENGTH gym for the past 2 years, leading many of the kids' programs. She became a favorite instructor of my daughter, Autum, as she did many other young girls'. During her time at the gym, Allie wrote an eBook: "4-Week Catcher Strength Program" she contributed to an article for Simplifaster magazine-> and she learned how to complete an assessment for movement, how to set up and run an online business, how to market her programs, and how to coach and motivate women of all ages to better health.

She always met you at the gym doors with a smile and a laugh, when she was coaching your class.

"I really enjoyed when she was there. She was always upbeat and very helpful!"


"Erica really enjoyed learning to lift with her. They made a sweet connection! (through Taylor Swift)"


Allie and Kennedy would often coach classes together, AND had birthdays only a few days apart, so the past 2 years we have had joint birthday parties at the gym for these 2. These will be missed greatly and were SUCH a huge part of my life and this gym. The next group of interns have big shoes to fill.

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