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July 3, 2023

Adaptive Fitness: Power of Good Music & a Ball

Keeping it simple and fun.

As a personal trainer on a budget, I bought this red ball for $2 at Wal-Mart paired with a great 1960's playlist on Spotify, and I used a little creativity to encourage physical activity, engagement, increased heart rate, good laughter, eye-hand coordination, and reaction times for 20-30 minutes with some of my favorite people. Adaptive fitness does not need to be overthought or complicated to be effective. Many trainer's I speak to are intimidated by the thought of training clients with special needs, and as a result, avoid the option altogether. In reality, most clients with special needs, just want to be included, seen, valued and assisted in the same way you help other clients.

Slight changes in environment, noise levels, equipment, and cueing can be all the difference a personal trainer may need to be successful in this line of business. For more information about training clients with special needs, how to grow a successful business offering services to people with special needs, check out my Adaptive Fitness Exercise Program ideas, as well as register to learn more about the program I co-created with the American Council on Exercise, below.

Adaptive Fitness Exercise Programming

band exercises with a personal trainer and a person in a wheelchair
band exercises with a personal trainer and a person in a wheelchair
dumbbell exercises for people with special needs, personal trainer

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