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August 23, 2023

sheSTRENGTH 5k Run/Walk Plan

A 5K run and walk plan that is doable, easy to follow and includes core workouts, foam rolling, and mobility work. This plan is great for beginners and teaches you how to map out a week of training without overdoing it or getting injured.

How to Follow This Plan:

  • You will need a foam roller, tennis ball or racquetball, a set of 5# dumbbells, and a bookbag or bag to carry on your back for ruck walks
  • You can order those items here:
  • Download the Plan here: sheSTRENGTH-Run_Walk-Plan-2Download
  • Mark off in your calendar the days/times you plan to workout and keep those dates. Set reminders! Let the people in your life know this is important to you and you want them to keep you accountable to following through.
  • For a more specific breakdown of these workouts, for longer than 4-weeks, with coaching accountability, and a community group for support, nutrition check-in's, daily calendar to follow, and a chance to win prizes--check out the sheSTRENGTH App (click here)


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