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May 3, 2020

What Losing 7 lbs. in 3 Weeks Looks Like

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What does losing 7 lbs in 3 weeks feel like??Day 1: I want to workout at home, when I can, between work hours. I have some dumbbells, a band, and a foam roller. I want to lose weight. I'm so ashamed of where I've gotten with my health.Day 21: I'm down 7 lbs! I've been working out a few days a week. And I can feel my body changing. The virtual workouts are really helpful, to follow along live and learn and to be held accountable to show up.Most workouts take 30-40 minutes. But most of all you get to workout with other women, like yourself, everyday. Women who get where you are starting at. Understand your discouragement. They know it isn't all about the scale for you, but that weight loss on a scale is most encouraging. That feeling stronger and in control is the biggest part of it all. But also knowing where to begin and what to do is also hard to know. So, that is what the sheSTRENGTH App is here to do. Help provide you a roadmap to the treasure. The treasure being renewed confidence and strength!To inquire more about joining sheSTRENGTH, click here: Join the Squad!

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