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September 21, 2020

Unstoppable Strength: A 21-Day Challenge

A simple, strong, solid program to change your life one habit at a time with mindset hacks, discipline tactics, and accountability strategies to create life-altering habits.

"I would love to begin, but I don't have any energy...""I know I should exercise, but I have failed so many times, and can't stick with a program.""I know what to do I just don't have any motivation."

Be a part of a program that develops consistency and helps you achieve lifestyle changes that can be achieved by altering daily habits and committing to action. Jen Grosso, of Climb Coaching and myself, Anna Woods, of sheSTRENGTH are combining forces to help you get UNSTUCK. There are 1000's of workout programs, personal development books and podcasts telling you how to be motivated and why, but what most people need is ACCOUNTABILITY and personal support/encouragement. And we want to provide that AND a pirate's map to the treasure of building habits, that lead to discipline and motivation, in all areas of your life. We have 35 years of combined experience working with people, and we have figured out where people get stuck, why and how--when it comes to improving their health and mindset..AND we are giving you all our secrets!

All in 21-days.

What you'll get:

  • Build a plan that meets your needs.
  • Finally, reach your goals
  • Finally, stick with a plan that works
  • Be held accountable to your plan by professionals
  • Get EVERYTHING you need, step by step to achieve success

Begins October 1, 2020//$21 for 21 days

Let's do this!! Limited space available. Deadline to enter is 9/30

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