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June 14, 2020

The Top 5 Answers to YOUR Questions about Fat Loss

I am answering your top 5 questions about weight loss, right here.

Question 1: Got asked this week if cleaning house or doing yard work counted as cardio, when weight loss is a goal. Answer 1: In terms of weight loss and daily activities like cleaning or yard work, it does not. Most often our body is prepared and allows for daily living activities we do a lot. It isn’t anything we have to adapt too. WHILE IT IS A GREAT ACTIVITY, and better than sitting, it doesn’t count as a workout. Instead we need to be focused on more specific metabolic focused cardio to build endurance and strengthen cardiac muscles. But it doesn’t have to be extreme. Yesterday we did :45 seconds of 3 exercises with :30 second rest between. Repeat this list 3x. Takes 5 min. And this will count toward a cardio for fat loss effort in your day.Cardio Workout Idea
  1. Set 1: Side shuffle back and forth x :45 seconds
  2. Rest :30 seconds
  3. Set 2: Slow Mountain Climbers
  4. Rest :30 seconds
  5. Set 3: Sideways Step Over's
  6. Rest :30 seconds Repeat list 3x.
Question 2: “Every time I start working out to lose weight, I get hurt. What should I do?"
Answer 2: Weight loss isn’t an extreme sport and your fitness regimen shouldn’t be either. Just like weight loss, we have to build the foundation of your body before we can add load or intensity. Most people jump into high intensity interval training (HIIT) to lose weight, because it seems quick and East—advertises to burn the most calories quickly. AGAIN, an extreme mindset...????.We want to set you up to be successful, that means we need your breathing right, your core stable, your joints working properly, your body mobile, etc. That is a step by step process....1) do you have warm up? Foam roll?2) do you work on breathing? Mobility?3) do you lift weights, NOT with high intensity? Just for strength?

Ways to get a fitness program for weight loss????????????????????????1) These are all things I teach people daily through my app, in-person at my gym—

2) Virtual Abs Academy, that launches June 24th, focuses on low back pain and eliminating low belly pooching.You can sign up here????????????????…/…/

Question 3: “I’ve been working out for weeks and only lost 2 lbs! Why won't anything work for me?” —heard from 2 new clients this week

Answer 3: It is soooo frustrating for people and I get it. But it isn’t always exercise and clean diet that a person needs to do to lose weight. I used to be the trainer that said “well you aren’t working out hard enough.” Or “you must be cheating your diet., then..”Ha! So much wiser and empathetic in my old age now! But there are real reasons a person shouldn’t be working out hard or eating certain “healthy-labeled” foods due to the health of his/her gut. And stress levels. And visceral fat toxicity. And absorption abilities. pH. And so on.If your body is working at the average age of a 75 year old and you are 35, we have a problem somewhere. Exercise is only going to create more stress on an already stressed body, obviously! Let’s figure out the cause for a slow BMR first, then move forward from there.

Question #4: "I was sitting at the pool this weekend and a lady comes up and asks me how much I workout. And asks if I can “kill her through some workouts” to get in shape?? Answer #4: I said no. That’s never been my solution. I said anyone can “kill” another person and make them sweaty and sore in a workout, but that’s not a good long term solution. And one that never works!!! ???? Weight loss isn’t an extreme sport. Plain and simple. It’s a process. One you chip away at day after day for a lifetime. Therefore it should be taken slowly, one step at a time. First we look at internal health, nutrient deficiencies, water intake. Then sleep. Then diet, protein and carb intake. Then we look at strength training and stability. Then we look at adding more intense measures. But you can’t add all of these at once..You need to sleep well to perform well. To sleep well you have to eat and drink well. To eat and drink well, you need to be absorbing nutrients well. You need to eat, drink, and absorb nutrients to build muscle. You need muscle to burn fat..There ya have it. ^^ baby steps.
Question #5: "I don’t have time to workout! Meal prep? Get up early to meditate etc? What do I do?"Answer #5: This ????????????????????????I always say you can’t add something new to your daily routine without removing something old. If you’re going to make your health a priority now, AS YOU SHOULD AFTER ALL THIS COVID-19 craziness...then you need to make room for it in your day. Let go of something not serving you at the moment. AND ITS GONNA BE HARD..But one way to start being successful at it is this???????????????????????? put yourself in your daily planner this week and stick to it!

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