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June 1, 2020

The ONE Cue to Get Rid of Low Belly Pooch

There is one cue we can give you to change EVERYTHING about how you change the appearance of your abs. I think the thing we hear the most is, "How do I get rid of low belly pooch?"Especially if you have carried a child or are menopausal, THIS is the BIGGEST complaint. And unfortunately doing more ab exercises WILL NOT change it, in fact, some of the ab exercises you are doing actually could be making it worse. In fact, just the way you are breathing, standing, or holding your body can be contributing to this issue more.And we want to dispel the myths that most fitness influencer's are telling you, give you a 30-day plan to change everything you have ever seen, done, or heard in relation to your belly and how it looks.

  • It won't be just exercises to do, it will be coaching how to actually do them correctly.
  • It will be explaining how to change your core.
  • Which means, you will be in less back pain, have more confidence, and feel stronger to push yourself in workouts!!!

You will also get time to ask questions with us, the presenter's, Anna Woods and Dr. Jared Shoemaker of, before you begin, in relation to your core, back pain, and how to train it differently.[embed][/embed]FAQ-->Q: Are these live workouts??A: No, each participant will receive a login/password to our Virtual Abs Academy. You will have access to this Academy after purchasing the program. You will get videos for 30-days to follow with workouts, video modifications for movements, back pain protocol, mobility/stability exercises, webinar with demonstration of how the core works and why.

Q: When does this start?A: The program will launch, but it is up to you to do the program on your own time. There is no start and stop time. We are offering a 30-day challenge prize drawing for those who complete the full 30-day program start to finish. We will be present via a private FB group for accountability/support, throughout.Q: Will this help back pain?A: Yes, for those with back pain, there will be an alternative program to follow to help subside back pain.-------------------------------------------

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