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October 17, 2020

The BEST Ab Workout in Under 10 Minutes workout is part of our 30-Day Virtual Abs Academy Challenge. Every week you will receive 5-6 workouts with a cool-down and warm-up routine. Meal and recipe ideas. Low-back pain protocol to follow. Daily coaching/accountability. AND you can start/stop whenever you want. Workouts take less than 15-minutes and do NOT require equipment.Give this one a try:4 Sets:

  • Hold side bridge up: x :10 seconds (right)
  • Hold side bridge up x :10 seconds (left)
  • Hold hollow rock x :10 seconds
  • Hold 6-months position x :10 seconds
  • Rest :30 seconds between sets.

Coaching cue: DO not let your back round/arch, keep it straight. Keep shoulders/neck relaxed and do not lock out your elbows. Think about pressurizing the abdominal wall outwardly with air, NOT sucking it in. Receive workouts like this daily via our Virtual Abs Academy. For more information about changing the way your core looks and feels, fill out the form below.

What others are saying: "I am able to lift with better form and my running form has improved as I am experiencing none of the pain I used to feel in low back and hips..." -Lyndee "I can feel an improvement in my posture and am finding it more and more natural to hold my core correctly with the Ab workouts as well as running and riding my bike!" -Savannah

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