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November 15, 2021

Softball Fixes in the Weight Room Part 1 Video 1: This was my first time working with this young pitcher. She struggled with chronic elbow pain, knee issues, and to find more velocity. So I spent some time watching her throw in this video, and we quickly made some adjustments to help her "feel" how to unravel the arm and how to access the core for support and speed, which she was bypassing with her shoulder and rushing the pitch, instead.-------------------------------

Weight Room Solutions Video 2: 

Taking time to breakdown portions of the pitch in the weight room, and really work timing, strength, and power through the pitcher's sticky points, is one of my favorite things to do. In this video I'm trying to help this girl overcome rushing and tensing her arm through the windmill, and leading the pitch with her anterior shoulder/bicep (which she frequently experiences pain in), instead of unraveling the ball with her lat, oblique sling and forearm. Using a band helps her "feel" the lat squeeze at this point in the pitch, and we can strengthen this pattern doing this as well.

Weight Room Solutions Video 3: 

In this video we use resistance through the core and shoulder to activate the oblique sling we want access to for power through the middle of our pitch. I have this girl use a medicine ball and toss it to me after she "feels" the stretch of the oblique sling from her front foot planting--up through her hips, obliques and to the opposite shoulder before launching the ball to me.

Anna Woods offers her softball coaching/training online through her sheSTRENGTH App ( as well as hands-on through her private small group sessions she completes with softball/baseball athletes at her 2 gym locations in Central Kansas. She is a wife and mom to 3 kids.  She is the strength and conditioning coach for the Hutchinson Community College Lady Blue Dragon Softball team, coaches young women in pitching lessons in her community, and is a volunteer coach for her local club youth softball team, her daughter plays on.

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