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November 17, 2019

Sneak Peek: LIVE Classes at the Barn

[embed][/embed]Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday women make the trek to my barn and workout with me for an hour. We go over corrective exercise, mobility, strength, skills, and cardio conditioning. Every workout is posted in the sheSTRENGTH App and the women who attend can track progress and cheer each other on.But now we are taking it another step!! Now you can follow the app AND LOGIN and join our classes LIVE---you can workout at your home from anywhere, while I coach you LIVE from my barn. Get the workouts, the accountability, the coaching, and the motivation to stay on track. 3 nights a week! If you miss a class, get the video to follow along with, after.To learn more about joining my LIVE classes, inquire here:

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