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October 19, 2020

She Strength Stories Oct 2020

Strength for the Community

Continuity of Workouts Helps Foundation Leader Stay Strong When the COVID-19 pandemic forced gyms and other workout facilities to shut down in March 2020, everyone felt the disappointment. From gym owners to exercise seekers, fitness took a tumble at a time that people needed it most.

[porto_blockquote]“I was doing so well working out regularly with Anna, and I was feeling great. When our community shut down in order to protect people from the coronavirus, I was worried that I wouldn’t keep up with my exercise routine,” said Aubrey Patterson. “I’m an ‘obliger’ when it comes to motivation, meaning I don’t like to let other people down. I lost the ability to be with these fabulous women, and I wasn’t sure if I could hold myself accountable.”[/porto_blockquote]

Fortunately for Aubrey, SheStrength owner and strength coach Anna Woods did what many business owners had to do during these hard times--adapt.“Right away, Anna started offering her workouts on Facebook Live. If Anna wouldn’t have continued seamlessly, I wouldn’t have continued to do it. Her Facebook Live kept me going.Sometimes there weren't very many of us on there, but it was recorded and saved, and I could go back and watch it later. I was glad to be doing something, felt like I would have to give it up. We’ve all had our meltdown moments during this pandemic, and I suspect she did too, but she helped me have less meltdowns!”And it’s a good thing Aubrey was able to mitigate her stress and focus on her health during this time. After all, she’s President & CEO of the Hutchinson Community Foundation. This organization played a vital role in getting the community the resources it needed.“Businesses were closed, families were hungry, and people weren’t receiving the services they’re accustomed to receiving from non-profits. We had to determine how we could continue to take care of people and how to keep the economy going. We spent hours and hours talking on phone and Zoom, diagnosing situations and deciding which interventions and investments needed to happen to help our community.”One resource that was quickly created by the Hutchinson Community Foundation was Rally Reno, a website where the community could purchase gift cards for local businesses, and the dollar amount was matched for local charities.“We quickly raised $150,000, and then the total amount of grants given was over $500,000.”Aubrey and her husband Lance have three children, and are working to create a healthy balance of work, school and leisure time. Being able to continue workouts at home has been key to helping Aubrey feel a sense of calm and strength.

[porto_blockquote]“I feel better about myself and my commitment to myself. I told Anna when I started my goal was to be able to hit a golf ball further. This summer, I could do that by the time the season started! I really appreciate Anna’s dedication to her clients, and her steadfast commitment to making sure we had the support we need to be successful.”[/porto_blockquote]

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