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April 23, 2020

She Got Her First Pull Up's!!

We focused on pull-up's in the program, and we got pull-up's!! month in the sheSTRENGTH app, we focus on different skills to learn and practice. Skills are what help people continue to come back, to stay motivated when weight loss isn't occurring as quickly as we like, and helps a person stay well-balanced in her fitness and strength. Over the winter, we spent months building enough core/shoulder/arm strength to do pull-up's. We worked skill, timing, strength, endurance, joint stability using bands, dumbbells, bodyweight etc. Crazy thing is we didn't practice actually doing pull-up's!! Just the mechanics needed to do them.For 3 months we made attempts at a pull up, at the start of every month, so we could measure progress. Jenni got her pull-up without even realizing it as she was focusing on proper mechanics and strength while pulling--AND IT JUST HAPPENED!! And it can for you too! This is all part of the programming my clients receive every month for as little as $29.00!For more information about joining our sheSTRENGTH community or for local seminar's covering this information, fill out the contact form below.[ctct form="913" show_title="false"]

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