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April 21, 2020

Results Like THESE From Working out At Home??

You need to scroll down to see the results my clients are getting from working out at home using my sheSTRENGTH App. I train women at home, using dumbbells, bands, foam roller, and a large stability ball-- 4-5 days a week. All women who come to me, day 1, saying they want to feel stronger, healthier, be around for their families. But of course, want to look good as well! They typically feel stuck, aren't eating enough good foods, thriving off caffeine and carbs, and have NO time for themselves.All obstacles they feel will disqualify them from making progress, getting results, or having any success. Most give up before they've even begun, based on feelings related to "failing" in their fitness journeys 100 times before.But I quickly assure each woman I talk too, they can be successful!! We just need to first, redefine success and failure. Come up with a plan that fits her time, needs, goals, and availability to commit. Pair that up with a slightly competitive, non-judgmental, super motivating community of women who can relate, and RESULTS HAPPEN.The proof is in the pictures.

Squat Camp--Feb/March


Bikini Bootcamp/April

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