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June 26, 2020

Questions about Training Your Core

Questions we get asked a lot about training your abs/back/core...Q1) Why do low back exercises always hurt my back?A1) Most people load their spine and not their actual core. Getting into proper position is key to do this.Q2) Why after all these years of doing crunches, do I not have a strong-looking core?A2) Nutrition plays a big part of this. So does hormones. But also learning to train the core in various positions, planes, and ways is key! Crunches are actually very ineffective in making your abs strong.Q3) What are the best exercises to do for training your core?A3) That is a tough question to answer because some of it is individual-based, but we always encourage sensible workouts that are low rep, they test skill, time, and positions of varying degrees of effort. You do NOT need a high-rep, high intensity core workout to be effective.For all these answers, actual solutions, and a program to take care of all the thinking for you...The Abs Academy LAUNCHED Wednesday!!What you will get:

  • 30-Days of workouts.
  • Coaching demonstration videos with cueing.
  • Mobility/Stability Warm-Up's
  • Pictures showing what good core position vs. bad core position looks like.
  • Back pain assessments, back pain protocols to follow to reduce pain
  • Back pain appropriate workouts with Dr. Meryl Miller and Dr. Jared Shoemaker (InMotion Spine Muscle Joint)
  • Nutrition template/guidelines/recipes
  • 30-Day Challenge with a chance to win $100
  • RESULTS. From working out for 10-15 minutes daily with low-rep, muscle loading exercises that don't cause joint pain.

You can still join us!! Sign up here: program is self-run, you will receive a username/login to access the program. You will work through the program on your own time, daily. We will check in periodically as we go, to answer questions.

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