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July 1, 2020

Power for Fastpitch

Being a fast pitch softball pitcher involves many elements of athleticism. One of the biggest pieces of addressing athleticism, and therefore increasing speed of the pitch, relates to power. Building power in an athlete starts from the ground up. One of the most overlooked pieces of creating power is foot-load. The athlete has to be able to create and generate force through proper foot-loading before it can translate and travel up the chain as power and speed. Any slight off-set in foot loading can cause "energy leaks" that will reduce the power and speed transferred up the chain and out through the glutes, hips and arm.Some of the common foot-loading strategies I use with my girls, involves mobility, stability, and single-leg loading. I'll demonstrate a typical progression with my newly-signed pitcher for Seminole State College, Tess Eubank.

  1. Talus Mobility
  2. Big-Toe/Glute Connection with Squat
  3. Big Toe/Glute Load with Lunge
  4. Box Squats
  5. Box Jumps

This is just one example of a leg-day routine Anna would have her athletes work through in a 1-hour session. For more information about working with Anna online via her sheSTRENGTH Mobile app or 1-1 in person at 1 of her 2 locations. Fill out the information below:[ctct form="913" show_title="false"]

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