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January 16, 2021

Love, ME: Taking Back YOUR Self

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A 5-week course to find yourself again.


  • You've tried many workout programs and get overwhelmed.
  • You try low-carb and get hungry and grumpy.
  • You track your calories and get exhausted trying to count everything you eat.
  • You are too tired and stressed to try to figure out how.
  • You feel guilty when you are gone at the gym in the evenings, while your kids are at home.


You just need a plan you can stick with, something that is special to you, that you get excited about, and that is easy to follow. Guilt-free. (almost)


[porto_blockquote footer_before=""]AND YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO![/porto_blockquote]

This is unlike any programs I've done before, the only similar part is it is ALL online. This is online mentoring, NOT training. We have enough training programs online, now. What we need more of, is people coming alongside us, getting us on this journey from point A to point B, as a support/encourager.So, everything can be done at home, on your own time. Does not require any fancy workout equipment, supplements, books to be read, videos, etc.JUST YOU.However you can show up, courageously and real. That's what this group is about.Requirements:

  • Zoom
  • Facebook access
  • Vulnerability

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