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April 11, 2020

Leg Day Idea: Banded Walking Lunges

[embed][/embed]For a cool twist on an old move, try out this anti-rotational movement with a band. To make it work, anchor band to a sturdy anchor point at hip height. Wrap the loose end of the band around your shoulder and turn a complete circle, wrapping it around and behind your back. The goal is not to let the band twist you around as you lunge.

Coaching Cues: Keep hips square and straight. Whole foot into the floor. Focus on keeping core stacked evenly and abdominal pressure--for details on what this means, check out this post: SheSTRENGTH: Start thinking About Abs for Function-------------For more exercises like this one, check out: to sign up and join me via the app and online with virtual classes every week.-Follow on social @shestrength

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