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June 12, 2020

How to Do a Pull Up Seminar: Core Strength Needed! past winter, Dr. Jared Shoemaker,, and I held a Barn Gym Series event at the sheSTRENGTH Barn for men and women in the area to learn about the core strength, shoulder positions, and mobility needed to do a pull up safely, effectively, and AT ALL. Pull up's are a beast many aspire to complete, but few actually do. What most people don't realize is core strength enables proper shoulder position, which are the main factors in the safety of doing a pull up without injuring the shoulder. And you can't have one without the other.We spent the evening helping participant's get into positions that mimicked pull up's, to help them "feel" a connected shoulder and core, before hanging on the bar and attempting to do them. These various positions were part of the take-home packet of mobility, strength, and skill workout demo videos we prescribed them to do, in their journey to getting their first pull-up, or completing multiple pull ups correctly, without shoulder pain.Our next seminar will be held online, which includes 30-days' of ab workouts to reduce back pain and minimize the low belly pooch. See more info for that seminar, here.

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