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August 16, 2020

How to Do a Bar Muscle Up

How to Do a Bar Muscle Up Visual: Watch the slow motion version of a series of gymnastics skills commonly seen in CrossFit. For this series, we focused on 1 bar muscle up, 1 toes to bar, and 1 kipping pull up. This slow-motion demonstration shows:

  1. how to use the hips for power to drive oneself over the bar.
  2. Keeping legs tight and straight to avoid energy leaks
  3. Maintaining a hollow rock position through the core and shoulders.
  4. A (semi-) ha! mobile T-spine to allow full swing forward through the bar.
  5. Loose grip through the hands/shoulders/forearms to allow movement around the bar and prevent tearing
  6. Stiffness through the spine

This particular series lasted 10 minutes, and each exercise skill was performed every minute on the minute. For skills to develop strength/mobility to achieve these skills, inquire at:, "Join the Squad"

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