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August 1, 2020

How To Build Strong Quad's At Home

You are stuck at home. You feel your quad muscles slowly diminishing as you are limited with the weights you have at-home right now. Thanks to this viral pandemic. But I'm here to show you how to build strong quads at home!It's a frustration for many to build quad strength, let alone during these stay-at-home order's. I know a lot of people are still working out at home until Covid-19 settles down again, and it becomes very limiting with what you can do to build leg strength using bands and light dumbbells. I am excited to share a fun combination to help burn those muscles, burn calories and build serious leg strength at-home with 2 SuperBand's from

  1. Hook 1 superband around your waist like a belt, then loop the other superband through the the loose ends, placing one end under your foot and the other under your other foot. It should make an X between your legs and hips. Make sure the band is fastened safely under the middle of your foot so it doesn't come off your toes and snap you in the face. OUCH!
  2. You will complete 10 squats with the bands then immediately go into 5 jump squats with the bands still on your feet and hips. Rest 1 minute and repeat 4 more times.
  3. You may have to adjust sizes of bands to accommodate strength needs.
  4. Immediately following this series, complete your typical strength workout using dumbbells (here's an idea) or a barbell. You should feel fatigued, but strong and powerful after working through the resistance of the bands for the concentric and eccentric parts of the squat.

Here's a video demonstration of what this movement looks like: provides workouts like these for women and men who workout at home, through her shestrength app, you can learn more at: Or follow Anna on Instagram at:

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