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November 19, 2020

Girls' Softball Strength Classes

Strength TrainingLearn how to life safely, effectively to maximize athleticism for sport.Avoid InjuryAthletes will learn how to move through basic patterns that prevent injury and improve powerImprove Core StrengthAthletes will understand how to access their core by learning how to feel when they are in the right positions or notPitching MechanicsPitchers will learn how to execute the most efficiency from their pitching style and how to buid strength on those patterns Previous Next

Train with Anna Woods one of the leading coaches on movement prep, strength training and injury prevention for softball athletes in Central Kansas.

Every month you will get:

  • Small group training session 45 min (in-person with Anna)
  • 1-2 Other workouts/mobility/core exercises to do on your own at home through video's in the shestrength app
  • Weekly check-in's with me through messages in the app
  • Calendar to keep track of workouts and progress
  • Personal development/mindset course to journal
  • Warm-Up's and mobility stretches to do before/after games to avoid injury


  • $125 subscription fee/month (no contract, start and stop when you want too)

Class Times in January:Wednesday:

  • 4:30 pm
  • 5:15 pm-Class is full
  • 6:00 pm


  • 4:15 pm

**If you are wanting more 1-1 personal training sessions, Anna will be available Monday nights by appointment only and are an added expense. Let me know what time works for your daughter after filling out the form below. ---------------------

Workout Descriptions: Strength training workouts focused on building rotation power, accessing legs for hip drive, building cardio endurance specific to softball energy systems, a focus on scapular stability and upper body strength, as well. Workouts take 30-45 minutes.

To read more about her methods and coaching, read here:

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Meet Coach Anna:

Anna Woods

Founder of sheSTRENGTH, 18 years' experience in the fitness/strength industry, Former Collegiate softball pitcher, 3rd baseman (PCC, 2001-03)

B.S. Exercise Science, ACE C-PT, BMES, CF-L1, HCC Women’s Softball S&C Coach, sheSTRENGTH,

She has been featured in Simpifaster Magazine for her articles on softball:
Read more here: 3 Training Mistakes Softball Players Make in the Weight Room

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