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September 27, 2020

Everything you NEED TO KNOW About Losing Belly Fat

We are here to clear up the air about everything you NEED TO KNOW about losing belly fat. It's no surprise that "how to lose belly fat, fast" is one of the top searched Google phrases, every year. Closely following that is "how to get abs" and "how to lose weight." These are GREAT questions and ones that we think are often answered incorrectly. Because the answer's to these questions are multi-layered.

So to start off...the suggestions that most fitness websites/trainer's/influencer's provide for solutions are good, BUT the average American is in NO shape to do these things well enough, or long enough to get benefit. We all want to skip to the sexy things that are intense and get the most "burn," thinking this is the quickest way to get abs and lose belly fat. WHEN IN FACT, IT IS THE QUICKEST WAY TO GET HURT and get fatter.

Hear me out. Tell me if this is your usual approach.

  1. See's a picture, "oh I look fat," I should lose weight. I'm going to start tomorrow.
  2. Starts a cardio program, running, walking, Beachbody, P90x or Insanity, joins a cardio class at the gym, starts doing online cardio-fat-burning workouts
  3. Reduces carbs.


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Are we right so far??

  1. We do this for 1-2 weeks before any of these things begin to happen
  2. We get hurt, sick, sore and tired.
  3. We gain weight or do not lose much weight

Let's address the reasons we quit.

low back pain, back strain, weight lifting

Most of us do not have the core strength to sustain high intensity efforts. Meaning we get plantar fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain, low back pain, we have stress incontinence issues (peeing our pants) that prevent us from doing the jumping/running efforts in the HIIT workouts...

  • We have lost our ability to breathe correctly so we can't sustain fat-burning levels of cardio for sustained periods of time because our lungs are on fire.
  • We do not lift weights or at least do not lift them safely and effectively, which is one of the true ways we affect hormones in our body, reduce insulin resistance, and build a strong foundation from which to do high -intensity cardio from.
  • Because we lower our carbs our tissue damage from the above high-intensity workouts is not replenished, leaving our bodies breaking down more muscle and nothing to rebuild with. Which equates to more fat and more injury risk. We lower carb intake which is the fuel we need to sustain high-intensity workouts for longer than 1-2 minutes and actually get into a fat-burning zone. Lastly, as our fat cells begin to shrink, the toxins we've stored in those fat cells for months, is released and causes inflammation in our bodies-which equates to weight gain on a scale--and reduced immunity--which leaves us sick and tired.

Back to the drawing board...

Instead of trying to restart and redo the things mentioned above, over and over again with hopes that a different outcome occurs, let's start from the beginning with baby steps.

[caption id="attachment_7708" align="alignleft" width="282"]

ab workouts for a 5k run plan

ab exercises for running power[/caption]

We need to learn how to build TRUE core strength and connectedness in the body. It is NOT from doing hard-core ab workouts, in which the body overcompensates with other muscles and the true intrinsic core muscles are left weak and disconnected, and therefore inaccessible. Overcompensations lead to

injury. OVER AND OVER.

We need to learn how the diaphragm truly creates posture and good movement, which in turn helps with issues related to breathing, injury prevention, and pelvic floor health. Then we need to learn to apply it to how we breath and move.

We need to learn how to do the basic movements, VERY WELL, before moving on. Pushing, pulling, rotating, squatting, crawling, etc

We need to eat smarter, WHICH INCLUDES CARBS, to fuel these above mentioned numbers, which in the long-run equates to a healthier, stronger body.

Just like any blog post you read, we all scroll to the bottom to find out the solution. How do we REALLY Lose Belly fat?? Well, we just answered all those questions above, so go back and read them, OR join us for our Virtual Abs Academy and we will literally take you through all these steps together, one by one, via videos, accountability, live workouts, etc., starting at LEVEL ZERO. We will teach you how to breathe, eat, position your core, access your core, overcome compensations, etc, day by day--to build TRUE core strength.

Because I'll be honest, I thought I had good core strength until my overcompensations were removed and I was WEAK in my core, VERY weak. As a side-perk my entire mid-section changed in appearance when I learned to use all my core muscles to lift and move with, not just my back and neck.

--> See pic below to see what I mean. My top pic is from 2017, where I was competing in CrossFit at a competitive level, working out multiple times a day, but had a nagging shoulder injury, and was not seeing improvements in my lifts. Fast forward to 2019, bottom picture. I'm working out less than I ever have, eating more carbs, and spending daily focused time on the steps I mentioned above to keep my core strong and my entire mid-section has changed completely. AS you can tell...

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  • For a sneak peek, Dr. Jared Shoemaker, DC of, answers your questions about why you may struggle with low belly pooch...and this is JUST 1 video of many, from his expertise! He is who introduced me to the concepts of everything that changed the way my core looks and moves now, and NOW he is sharing these concepts with YOU, too!

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