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April 11, 2020

Core Stability for the Throwing & Hitting Athlete


Core Stability for the Throwing/Hitting Athlete

We are discussing in this video, how core position and protecting energy leaks through "cylinder" breathing affects hitting and throwing performance, as well as prevents injury. Our goal at this seminar for athletes, was to help them understand how to position their core, activate the proper slings, and move through these slings for power and explosiveness. We demonstrated hands-on movement patterns and skills for over 50+ kids at Home Plate Club in Hutchinson, KS to take home and learn before their summer seasons begin.More about the presenters:Anna Woods, founder of sheSTRENGTH. She has been a trainer/coach for past 16 years, but have been competing and coaching CrossFit and olympic lifting for about 7-8 years. She has a barn gym in Kansas where she coaches all ages of women in barbell lifting and mechanics, as well as coaching people online through her sheSTRENGTH app. Find more at: Jared Shoemaker, is a doctor of chiropractic care at InMotion Spine Muscle and Joint in Maize, KS. He and his wife co-own the business where they both practice. He specializes in assessing and correcting movement patterns for all athletes, to improve joint stability, range of motion, relieve pain, and increase performance and power. Learn more at: was just part of our core stability training for athletes seminar's we have presented. To host a seminar at your facility, fill out the contact form below:[ctct form="891"]

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