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April 13, 2020

Chest Day Workout with a Set of Dumbbells

Give this chest day workout a try. It requires only a set of dumbbells and a chair or bench pushed against the wall. This is the style of workouts, taken directly from my sheSTRENGTH app, and I'm giving you a chance to try it!The goal is 5 sets of 5 reps of each. Complete as a superset.

  1. Core Plank + Rotation per Side
  2. Decline Push Ups

  1. 5 Floor Press
  2. 5 Incline Push Ups

[embed][/embed]Workouts like these are part of what women in my sheSTRENGTH App complete daily. I provide modifications to each of these movements to best suit your abilities and safety. Most workouts consist of 30-minutes of strength, skills, warm-up, cool down, and cardio/circuit-style training. All require a set of dumbbells, a band, foam roller, and a small space.To inquire more about setting up an initial video consultation with me to go over movements, discuss goals, discuss metabolism, and so much more, fill out this form.[ctct form="913" show_title="false"]

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