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April 16, 2020

Cardio Workouts for Fat Loss and Metabolism 2 of sheSTRENGTH Barn Gym Series, with the focus on how to initiate fat loss most effectively with cardio workouts. We discussed the various metabolic pathways-glycogenic, phosphogenic, and aerobic. We talked about how they can be applied to various cardio workouts. And how combining fasting, lowered acidity and pH internally, adding in strength training, and these cardio templates, one could help improve their resting metabolic rate. Each person who attended went home with a road map, calendar, nutrition guide, and a week's worth of cardio workouts to best help burn the most fat. Several participant's completed the program, and lost up to 12 lbs. in a month!! And these templates can be available to you too, through the sheSTRENGTH App. To learn more, and follow the sheSTRENGTH journey, check out: see the details of Part 1 Barn Gym Series: How to Do a Pull Up, click here: sheStrength: Great Modifications for Pull Ups in Your Home GymFor information about upcoming seminars, or how to work with Anna and her metabolic programs, fill out this form below:

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