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April 17, 2020

Cardio for Fat Loss Workout had a lot of people asking me about sample cardio and fat-burning workouts from my article I posted earlier, Cardio Workouts for Fat Loss and MetabolismSo to better help you understand, here is a sample, aerobic workout, meaning you work in a lower heart rate for longer periods of time. "with oxygen" = aerobic--A good guideline to follow is you can still carry a conversation on while doing the workout, but you can only get in 1-2 words at a time before needing a breath.Give this one a try! Today’s workout can be completed in 2-Minute Intervals with 1 Minute Rest..Any combo of movements can be applied.1) Kettlebell swings2) Ring rows (if no rings or a TRX, use a band)3) Walking LungesYou name it. Complete as many exercises as you want for a great 10-20 min cardio session. Efforts should be all-out for 2 min!!.You can sign up for my app, and receive workouts covering all 3 metabolic phases of cardio here:

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