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September 21, 2021

Cardio for Fat Loss

For the next 6-Weeks, we will be focusing on priming the body for fat loss through addressing metabolism, cardio workouts, managing stress, and basic strength training.

Fat loss is NOT working out harder and eating less. It is NOT eating less than you intake. IT IS SO MUCH MORE. Especially as women, we have many factors addressing our inabilities to lose weight--so we will dig into these concepts through an in-person class as well as online.

This will be a quick, easy and to the point course. It will be educational and fun!

Space is limited for in-person classes. Please register below to reserve your spot.

  • Online + In-Person (or via video) for 6-sessions (35 minutes) $200
  • Online App Online for 6-Sessions (5-workouts a week, nutrition plan/accountability) $50

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