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April 29, 2020

Bye Bye to Love Handles and Back Fat

Join us for 4-weeks in May as we focus on strength training to target those problem areas, and say BYE BYE TO LOVE HANDLES AND BACK FAT!!—JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER AND SWIMSUITS. We will focus on proper technique, movement, joint stability, and reps and sets to best build strength and reduce fat. I will help you get past the STUCK FEELING of not sure what to do for workouts, not enough time, and no motivation to follow through. I will tell you what to do. How to do it. AND help you stay motivated to finish. PLUS, I'll partner you up with other women in my app, who struggle just like you, for accountability, support, and understanding. Like always, my goal with the sheSTRENGTH mission is to help women gain their strength, renew their sense of confidence, and find their ROAR - all from their own living rooms or garage gyms.To join our squad for May, click here:

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