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May 3, 2020

Adding Miles Per Hour to Her Pitching Velocity

Tess came to me wanting to add miles per hour to her pitching velocity, and improve her endurance. Before we could do either of those things, we had to improve her movement, positioning, and breathing. Then we had to pattern those changes into her movement, before adding load and velocity. As you can see in the pictures above, the pictures on the right, in red, were taken the week we started. The pictures on the left, in white are 6-months into training together. She joked with me that my style of training was different than she had experienced in the past, the workouts were hard, but she didn't feel like she was near death with each session.I told her my goal wasn't to kill her into shape. I wanted to teach her to move well, first and foremost. We worked with bands, dumbbells, barbells, and spent a lot of time focused on improving her myofascial sling connections through single arm, single leg movements. We added in rotations, and pitching specific training to help her specifically with pitching form/speed. And she is well on her way to throwing with more velocity this summer. Her spring season was canceled, so now we wait to see what summer brings, with Covid-19. But either way, I'm SO excited to see all her progress already.Here is a video of her relearning the squat position, early in our training time together.

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