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June 5, 2020

A Bi's and Tri's Workout You HAVEN'T Done Yet

I am almost positive you haven't tried this workout yet!!

If you have a TRX system or 2 straps you can hang over a post or a playground monkey bar set, then you can do this workout. The goal is to complete 3 supersets of 10 curls, 10 tricep extensions. Rest 1 minute and repeat. The key to targeting these 2 muscle groups is keeping neck/traps relaxed and finding the right angle of the torso and feet. Arms should be placed directly in front of the body, straight out from the shoulders. Don't let wrists bend.

This is a great pre-workout muscle burner before you go grab the dumbbells and complete hammer curls and tricep kickbacks. Or it can also be great as a post-workout finisher, burning out and fatiguing the last of your biceps and triceps from a great strength workout, before.To receive workouts like these to your phone every week, go to:

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