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August 16, 2020

10-Min CALORIE Burner!

The goal of this 10-Minute or less Calorie burner workout is:

  1. Core/Push/Pull work under cardiovascular fatigue, we don't want a strong looking core, but we want a core that supports us when we are tired or fatigued as well. Therefore we need to train our core under loads, when we are out of breath, or at the end of a strength session. So here's a good one to try!

Ride 1 mile on Air Assault Bike or Run 1/2 mile on the Air Assault RunnerThen complete, 6-5-4-3-2-1 reps each of: Chin Ups, Landmine Row (per arm), Landmine Press. So how it will work...after completing your cardio on the bike or runner, you will complete 6 reps of chin ups (or a banded bicep curls as modification), then 6 landmine rows (or dumbbell rows as modification), and 6 landmine press (or banded overhead press as modification)....then you'll do 5 reps of each, then 4, 3..2..1. Stop! Shut timer off and collapse on the floor. :) The goal is to push through these as fast as you can without losing form. Weight should be 70% as a minimum.To receive workouts like these daily, hire me to do the thinking: (modifications always included) visit and click "join the squad"

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