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May 8, 2020

Reebok Panel: How to Run An Effective Virtual Gym CrossFit One: How to run an Effective Virtual Class / GymI had the huge pleasure to share on my experience with running a virtual gym as part of Reebok's #LIFTUPMYTRAINER Series on their Reebok page at: the information below.Panelistsi. Xavier Quimbo - Founder Speed Playii. Artemis Scantalides – Founder EmpowerU Online Coachingiii. Matt Kafora - "Performance Program Director” & owner of 7 Orangetheory Fitness locations in AZ.iv. Ben Camara – Remote Coachv. Denise Thomas – Head Coach Reebok Gymvi. Anna Woods – Owner She StrengthConversation starters:1. What are the main differences between in person and virtual classes?2. Virtual classes vs. One on One’s – Pros / cons?3. What have you learned in the past month about the virtual classes / gym business?4. When you did make the transition, what was the hardest part?a. What were your biggest learnings?5. What are the essential components to an effective virtual class / gym?

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