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July 2, 2020

Join the sheSTRENGTH App

Workouts at home. On your own time. For women wanting to learn how to lift weights, with 0 hours in a day left to work on themselves.Are you feeling stuck? Stuck at home? Stuck in the same day-to-day patterns? Stuck in a rut with your fitness? Eating all the carbs and sweets?Yes? You’re not alone.This is the exact reason I created my sheSTRENGTH App. For women. By a woman. The sheSTRENGTH mission is to help women gain their strength, renew their sense of confidence, and find their ROAR - all from their own living rooms or garage gyms.I feel that any woman who embraces her strength...who values her worth...who sets a boundary around her health as important...who finds her community and support from a coach who understands….Cannot be stopped!

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