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July 11, 2020

Getting A Win for Your Clients

When teaching a client a new skill, as a personal trainer, you have to find the perfect balance of challenge and also success. You want to get your client a win! You want the client to be pushed outside his or her normal comfort zone, but also want the skill to be modified enough to be completed within a few tries. I also tell clients "we are going to get a win today!" This means I am setting you up for success, because it is crucial to your mental and emotional well-being on a LONG journey of health. Inside long-term goals, we need to set up short-term successes that a client can "ride" for months to come, to keep them motivated.This is the beauty of modifications, setting a standard of movement, then adjusting it to fit the need of the client. Modifications are limitless, and rely solely on the creativity of the trainer/coach. For the rope climb modifications we used today:

  1. Started rope climb pull from a box that elevated the client more, allowing her to use her legs.
  2. We lowered the box down and pulled from that position, forcing the client to use her arms more.
  3. Lastly we pulled from the floor, which was the end goal for this session.

She proved to herself she could do it! Next week we pull from our back, lying on the floor.For more information about training with Anna, through her sheSTRENGTH App or at her barn gym, click "JOIN THE SQUAD" words above and fill out the form, and we will be in touch shortly.

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